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Introducing degree°

Managing fever stress-free.

degree° is the worlds´ first fever thermometer that warns you when you want it.

Putting the degree° once into the ear of your child when you recognize fever you will know the body temperature any time with just one glance. That helps you to decide the right treatment in the right moment. You will know right away if the temperature is rising too high or too fast. Be aware of fever cramps and get the chance to prevent them.

This is our Story

  • In-ear thermometer

    In-ear thermometer

    In-ear thermometer

    degree° is a revolutionary in-ear thermometer, that measures the body temperature continuously. Day and night. It fits securely and comfortably into the ear. For children and adults.

  • Body temperature

    Body temperature

    Body temperature

    One of the most important vital parameters. Know the body temperature and how it changes over time. With one glance. Any time. Learn how the body reacts to different situations. Day and night.

  • Get an alarm

    Get an alarm

    Get an alarm

    You will be notified on your smartphone promptly when the set temperature is reached. Get guidance on possible treatments. See where you find professional medical care near to you as well as local emergency numbers. degree° is creating a stress-free recovery surrounding for you and your child.

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Next generation fever thermometer

Stress-free recovery. For parents and children.

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Designed for highest comfort

We’ve spent thousands of hours working with world-class universities and designers to develop the very best and most comfortable continuously measuring fever thermometer – the degree° thermometer weighs less 5,4 gramms and has a size of 4×4 cm.

It utilizes medically approved materials, and a field-tested fitting design as well as the latest Nordic chip. These features unite to deliver a fever thermometer that immerses you in the comforting feeling of being able to know when your child needs you most. The way it should be when it comes to caring and healing.

High End. Quality and Design.

degree° is engineered and designed in Germany by an award winning team from Munich. By a team that already successfully revolutionized the sports world with body sensors tracking vital signs. We believe that it is easier to make decisions based on data. So we put our passion for perfection to the test, creating the next generation of revolutionary fever thermometer.

Based on more than 9 years of research & development work in the field of wearable sensors, degree° is a masterpiece of technology and ergonomic design and completely engineered in germany. This is a major industry breakthrough that will make the life of parents easier, reducing uncertainty and stress especially during the nights.

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degree° at one glance

Clean design & stunning functionality.

Medically Approved

Product collaborations with numerous medical companies show us the need and high acceptance of this technology in the field. That is what motivates and spurs us every day to create great products for everyone.

Temperature Curve

With degree° you not only know the body temperature at one time. Instead you see the complete trend of the temperature. Is it rising or falling at this point of time? That helps you to decide what to do in any moment.

Secure & Comfortable Fit

To guarantee a secure and comfortable fit for every user, we talked to numerous scientists dedicated to the human ear canal. Then created a variety of sizes and a size adjustable mechanism to fit all ears. Made with medical-grade materials that are also ultra-light and flexible.

Alarm function

Get an alarm on your smartphone when the body temperature is too high or rising too fast. You have the possibility to set the temperature level at which you want to be alarmed. You have full control over all the possibilities.


In the degree° app you find a guide describing important facts about fever and having a temperature. Possible treatments as well as emergency numbers and medical care institutions nearest to you are also listed.

Stunning Accuracy

The highest accuracy when taking the core body temperature is only possible from inside out. Our team worked countless hours to ensure the highest accuracy possible when not measuring inside the body.

5+ Full Days

With 5+ full days of fever tracking, degree° has what it takes to follow the body temperature throughout the sickness. Endurance, accuracy and comfort. Take 2 simple actions to refill degree° with 5 more days of measuring accuracy.

One touch control

One touch control to start stress-free fever management. We believe that when somebody has a temperature there are more important things to do than handling complex devices.

One Glance Feedback

Know the level of the fever any time without actually having to take the temperature every time. Get immediate visual feedback from the degree° device, your smartphone or the charging pod.

We believe in easy decisions.

Fever is defined as having a temperature above the normal range due to an increase in the body’s temperature set-point. The normal range is: 36.5–37.5 °C (97.7–99.5 °F). Fever starts at: >37.5 or 38.3 °C (99.5 or 100.9 °F). When you should go see your pediatrist is depending on the age of your child and on other conditions it may have.
Your pediatrist will say – Take your child´s body temperature regularly and document it. Why? Because then you know the fever history: Is the body temperature climbing up right now or falling? This is the key information that you need to decide the right treatment in any moment. With degree° you get this information automatically and any time.
Children´s body temperature tends to react much faster to any influences than adult´s. This is due to to their smaller body volume but also to their at the beginning lacking ability to regulate their body temperature themselves. Even thirst, a warm blanket or a sunny day may cause their body temperature rising much faster than yours. And now imagine your child has fever and has to manage that, too! With degree° you will know any time during fever how warm your child is. You will know how effective a treatment or a medication was and when your child needs your help.

Where to take the temperature

Based on the measuring place you will get a different reading of the body temperature. This is due to the natural physiology of the human body.
Normal temperature ranges by measuring place:

Measurement method
Rectal: 36.6°C to 38°C (97.9°F to 100.4°F)
Ear: 35.8°C to 38°C (96.4°F to 100.4°F)
Oral: 35.5°C to 37.5°C (95.9°F to 99.5°F)
Axillary: 36.5°C to 37.5°C (97.8°F to 99.5°F)


App Features

One glance visual feedback on your child´s health

Welcome to the Future

Combination of smart technology and wearables

Win a degree thermometer
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Meet the Team

degree° is our own personal story

  • Greta Kreuzer
    Greta Kreuzer
    An entrepreneur by heart, mother and perfectionist who loves to create and spread new things.
  • Johannes Kreuzer
    Johannes Kreuzer
    An experienced medical engineer, father and guitar fanatic on a mission to use his God-given gifts to help others by creating meaningful things.
  • Tim Adams
    Tim Adams
    A scientist by heart, perfectionist and proud father, Tim is using his brains to bring the sensing ability of our devices to perfection.
  • Leo Lorenz
    Leo Lorenz
    A passionate electrical engineer with lots of experience that he uses to constantly improve products. Leo is also father, tea drinker and an archer.
  • Valentin Vion
    Valentin Vion
    An experienced App Developer with lots of joie de vivre and the motto: Sleep is overrated. Valentin is the French gem in the developer team.
  • Gerrit Schweiger
    Gerrit Schweiger
    The Design Guru himself, creating awesome things. Great design, art, food and ease are his passion.
  • Thomas Höller
    Thomas Höller
    The very promising newest member of our team. Thomas is an electrical engineer, fitness lover and pizza and noudles stasher. From South Tyrol, not Italy!
  • Dallida Bentele
    Dallida Bentele
    She is the right hand. A mother and the high spirits in person with an Italian temperament. You will want to call our support more often just to talk to her.

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Let´s make a difference.

Better Fever management

In conclusion the degree° thermometer comes with a lot of additional benefits classic thermometers can not offer. A continious monitoring of your child´s temperature curve for in home use is a real revolution of fever management. With this wearable being completely harmless and comfortable your child´s recovery will not be disrupted by stressfull manually measurements. As a result a steady fever protocol including your observation comments will be perfect for further diagnosis together with your child´s doctor.

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We would love to answer all your questions to our degree° in-ear thermometer.

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